Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have a VitaMix!!!

I am floored.  Sure I have been talking about these non-stop for a couple weeks since my trusty blender's motor burnt out, but I never thought I would have one of my very own.

Yesterday I was making dinner when I heard Nate come in after work.  I had the refrigerator door open so I peeked out to say hi, grabbed whatever veggies I was looking for and closed the door.  Lo and behold...there on the floor was a large blue fabric bag tied up with a very cute spring green ribbon.  When I opened the bag and saw the VitaMix box, I felt like a kid on Christmas!  He bought us a VitaMix!!!  He said he was going to save it for Mother's Day but he knew I would want it for my daily green smoothies.  (Yesterday's smoothie required the use of two old blenders since neither of them works very well.)

So I fired it up this morning...this thing is amazing!  I could not believe how quickly and efficiently it liquefied my kale and swiss chard.  One of the things that has frustrated me about our other blender is the fact that I have to blend FOREVER to make a  less-than-chewy smoothie.  Not so with the VitaMix!

I read that I can make frozen desserts in this thing, so the boys and I are going to try to make some sort of chocolate, coconut milk-based soft-serve...

I never, in a million years, would have thought I'd be so excited about a blender, but it's a VITAMIX!!!


Michelle R said...

yay!! how fun!

Kristen's Raw said...


That's terrific - YAY for high powered blenders which make amazing, energizing and delicious green smoothies :)