Sunday, May 18, 2008

another great cooking class!

Nathan and I had the pleasure of attending another one of Angela Kasmala's cooking classes last night.  The theme for this class was Vegan Backyard BBQ.  The menu included sparkling mint lemonade, tandoori seitan kabobs, "deviled eggs", an icebox salad with vegan ranch dressing, and banana split sundaes.  All delicious!  

The mint lemonade was so refreshing and perfect.  This would be the most wonderful drink on a hot summer day.  Nate commented that it would be even better with a little gin. :)  

It was great to see someone making seitan.  I had been kind of intimidated to try it myself because I had imagined the process to be more involved, but it really wasn't.  Angela formed the seitan, boiled it, then baked it.  The texture was very good, not too mushy or too chewy.

The "deviled eggs" were adorable!  Angela makes them by forming an egg shape with firm tofu and filling it with a mixture of  mashed cannellini beans, mustard, and various spices.  The filling tasted amazingly like an egg yolk.  Nate and I both agreed that the filling would also make a good spread on a cracker or baguette slices.

The evening was sunny and warm so we were able to eat our dinner outside in the "backyard" behind the Lab.  Gregg and Angela share a fire pit and picnic table space with their loft neighbors, and they are hoping to turn some of the space into a garden.  

Angela really is a fantastic teacher and a gifted chef.  As I said in a previous post, if she cooked for everyone, the whole world would be vegan!

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Chessa said...

That's so awesome, Jennifer! I will certainly miss taking her classes. I'm so bummed I found her just before we moved!