Friday, March 7, 2008

Raw Adventures

I'm still doing the green smoothies, even though I haven't blogged about them in a week. Much to my surprise, I got a second round of the flu earlier this week. I was lucky that it didn't last long at all (probably a result of the greens!) but I was still really frustrated that it happened at all. Attempting to eat raw until dinner has really opened up my eyes to the way I had been eating. I thought I was eating pretty good, but now I actually know what it's like to FEEL good. I have more energy and feel more balanced in general (except when I have the flu, in which case I just get mad). So now I have to figure out the best way to make this work for me. I'm not ready for 100% raw, although that is something I'd explore in the future once the kids are done breastfeeding. My comfort zone has been with vegetarianism/whole foods, but I am drawn to veganism more and more. My body feels better as a vegan, and honestly so does my conscience. My weaknesses are butter and chocolate. Vegan chocolate is easy and accessible, so that's not a big deal...but then there's butter. I do love Earth Balance, but not for baked goods. So right now, I'm mostly raw until dinner on most days. My goal is to incorporate more (cooked) vegan dinners. I don't expect Nate and the boys to follow this plan at all. Nate has been very supportive and encouraging of my vegan experiments, so I am lucky there. The boys can make up their minds when they grow up if they want to be veg*ns, or raw, or whatever. After all, it has taken me 34 years just to get to this point.

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