Saturday, March 29, 2008


While browsing through many vegan blogs last night I came across one I had not seen before, The Conscious Kitchen. Once you have checked it out, it is needless for me to say I was inspired. Scroll down to the unbelievably beautiful cupcakes, for example. Besides all of the beautifully photographed food and amazing-sounding recipes, I particularly was drawn to this excerpt from the blog description:

I’ve been vegan for more than 10 years. For me veganism is (considered approach + eating) / (me + my contemporary context). I understand veganism as a process and a commitment to living a life with compassion. Veganism is not a stable or unitary response to production and consumption, it is active and comprehensive in its consideration of how best to respond to the commodification and degradation of life that takes place in the contemporary context of agribusiness production. Veganism is not even just about animals, it's about people, the producers, workers, transporters and sellers of food, it's about the environment, it's about our whole relationship to the big broad world out there.

Not to be mushy, but—I eat for peace, I cook for love, I think about food as a means to connect and I use this forum as a means of extending my table—the food on it, the work behind it, the thoughts about it, the fun and the flavor too.

--Emilie Hardman, The Conscious Kitchen

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