Monday, February 25, 2008

Green Smoothie Challenge, Day One

So today is the official first day of green smoothie goodness, although I did quite a bit of experimenting last week. Nate picked up Magic Bullet blender for us! That makes smoothie-making so quick and the clean-up so easy. I fell asleep early last night so I didn't get a chance to make up a batch for Nate before he went to work, so for today he'll have his after dinner. I made one for breakfast, consisting if the following: 1 banana, a handful of baby spinach, a cup of water, and one orange. It was great! I do think I need to add more greens to tomorrow's smoothie because I still felt a little hungry. My goal as of today is to try to eat raw until dinner a few days a week. I'll need to go to the farm market when the kids get up from their nap to stock up on fruit and greens. Other than that, we're off to a good start!


Elizabeth said...

More fruit might help too. The first one I ever had was about 5 leaves of cabbage and 2 pears. It wound up making about 32 oz of smoothie and took me all morning to eat it. I could barely eat lunch.

Jen said...

Thanks Elizabeth! Did you add any liquid, and if so, how much?