Saturday, June 27, 2009

Return to Raw

Today is Saturday so we will be off to Eastern Market in a few hours. Nathan and I have made it a goal to return to a high raw diet for the summer, so we need to stock up!

Nate is pretty much high raw right now, with only one cooked meal (dinner) each day. I am still eating mostly cooked food, mostly part of my postpartum recovery regime. I have found cooked foods to be very grounding and comforting during this time. But now that the twins will soon be 3 months old, I think I am ready for a return to the "raw until dinner" approach. Eating that way for the last couple summers made me feel healthier than I ever had before. It also gives me the freedom to bake without guilt! first mission today is to find the best price for we go!

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Cinnamon owl said...

Billy and I have actually been doing this during the day ourselves, since our return from California. I am not to experienced with it, so any advice would be great!

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