Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The most ridiculous looking configuration, but it works!

Several people have asked me how I am wearing the twins. I haven't quite figured out a great and totally hands-free way to wear them both at the same time, although they are getting better head control so we may be able to do two mei tais (front and back) soon. For now, we are using a Beco Butterfly and a Maya Wrap ring sling, both on the front. It looks kind of awkward and I still need one arm free to support the baby in the Maya, but it works! I would like to try to carry both in one long woven wrap, one baby in a high back carry and the other in a front cross. But I still need lots of practice with that one.

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Jacklyn said...

Awesome! So great you're getting into the groove of it. I can only imagine!

cruz said...

Grate job buddy....
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