Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been waiting for this day for 8 years!

The boys and I headed over to the Henry Ford Museum today to watch the inauguration of President Barack Obama on their projection screen. I simply don't have the words to explain the hope I felt as we watched. Luka was so excited, as were many of the young children present. He loved to clap and cheer every time he saw President Obama's face on the screen. Cas wasn't quite as enthusiastic, but I think it's because it was close to naptime. This morning Nathan and I were talking about just how cool it is that this is the first inauguration both boys will see, and hopefully Luka will remember. We wonder if it will affect the way they view the world. They will never know of a time when there had never before been an African American president. We enjoyed sharing the experience today with so many other people of different ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. Today is a good day in our country.

...And where oh where did Aretha Franklin find such an interesting hat???

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